The Earth is Closer to the Sun in Summer than Winter
Stomach Ulcers are Caused by Stress and Spicy Foods
Ship’s Captains can Perform Weddings at Sea
Tomatoes are Vegetables
‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ is about LSD
Waking Sleepwalkers Will Harm Them
Jackie Robinson was the First African American MLB Player
Lawyers and Attorneys are the Same Thing
“Ye” was the Old-English Equivalent of “The”
Arrested Criminals Get One Phone Call
Meteorites are Hot When They Reach the Earth
Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day
The Sun Doesn’t Move
Quicksand Sucks You Down
It Can Be Too Cold to Snow
All Bacteria are Bad for You
Red Cars Cost More to Insure
Black Holes Suck up Everything
Diamonds are Formed from Coal
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