Cockroaches Can Survive a Nuclear War
Buddhists Worship Buddha
St. Patrick was Irish
Peanuts and Cashews are Nuts
Dry Cleaning is Dry
Cleopatra was Egyptian
Chameleons Change Color to Match Their Surroundings
Food is Digested in the Stomach
Cowboys Wore Cowboy Hats
It Can Be Too Cold to Snow
Compass Needles Point to the North Pole
“Ye” was the Old-English Equivalent of “The”
Cow Tipping
The Grand Canyon is the Deepest Gorge in the U.S.
Apple Pie was Invented in America
A Penny Dropped from a Tall Building Can Kill a Person
Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day
Rattlesnakes Rattle Before They Strike
Wait 24 Hours Before Filing a Missing Person Report
Schizophrenics have Split Personalities
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