Quicksand Sucks You Down
The 1947 Roswell Crash
Zebras are White with Black Stripes
Wedding Rice Kills Birds
The 21st Century Began in 2000
Apple Pie was Invented in America
Three Wise Men Visited the Baby Jesus
Columbus Proved the Earth is Round
Extinct Animals are Gone Forever
Decaf Coffee is Caffeine Free
Stomach Ulcers are Caused by Stress and Spicy Foods
Half of All Marriages End in Divorce
Wind Chill Factor
The Speed of Light is Constant
St. Patrick was Irish
Skydivers Shoot Upward When Their Parachute Opens
Wait 24 Hours Before Filing a Missing Person Report
A Penny Dropped from a Tall Building Can Kill a Person
Blind People’s Other Senses are Enhanced
Don’t Swim within an Hour of Eating
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