The Sun is Yellow
Prohibition Made Consumption of Alcohol Illegal
Columbus Proved the Earth is Round
More Sleep Equals More Weight Gain
Dentists Use Novocaine
Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day
Electric Shocks Can Restart the Heart
Stomach Ulcers are Caused by Stress and Spicy Foods
Big Ben is a Clock
Dry Cleaning is Dry
Waking Sleepwalkers Will Harm Them
Meteorites are Hot When They Reach the Earth
Black Friday is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year
Truth Serum Makes You Tell the Truth
Tarantulas are Poisonous
The Earth is Closer to the Sun in Summer than Winter
Black Bears are Black
No One Survived the Hindenburg Disaster
Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day
Blood is Blue until Exposed to Air
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