Drowning is a Violent Struggle
The Sun Doesn’t Move
Men Don’t Have Estrogen, Women Don’t Have Testosterone
Blind People’s Other Senses are Enhanced
Camels Store Water in Their Humps
A Penny Dropped from a Tall Building Can Kill a Person
2x4s are 2″ x 4″
“Ye” was the Old-English Equivalent of “The”
Columbus Proved the Earth is Round
Olympic Gold Medals are Made of Gold
Napoleon was Short
Chameleons Change Color to Match Their Surroundings
Wolves Howl at the Moon
Cleopatra was Egyptian
Big Ben is a Clock
Lawyers and Attorneys are the Same Thing
Half of All Marriages End in Divorce
Zebras are White with Black Stripes
Three Wise Men Visited the Baby Jesus
Red Cars Cost More to Insure
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