It Can Be Too Cold to Snow
Don’t Swim within an Hour of Eating
Caesar Salad is Named for Julius Caesar
Blind People’s Other Senses are Enhanced
“Ye” was the Old-English Equivalent of “The”
Henry Ford Invented the Automobile
Half of All Marriages End in Divorce
Cockroaches Can Survive a Nuclear War
Biblical Angels Have Wings
Cowboys Wore Cowboy Hats
Food is Digested in the Stomach
Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day
Schizophrenics have Split Personalities
Compass Needles Point to the North Pole
Lightning Bolts Strike from the Sky to the Ground
Dry Cleaning is Dry
2x4s are 2″ x 4″
Air on Planes is Full of Germs
Decaf Coffee is Caffeine Free
Electric Shocks Can Restart the Heart
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